Forget-me-nots 2

I’ve been trying to keep a running list of the things the kids have been saying or doing which is hard to do when I’m also trying to be more present in the moment, and on my phone less. Here’s what I’ve been able to jot down:

  • Hayley was writing letters to her pen-pals and asked me to write down the words she wanted to use so she could reference them while writing on her paper. She was going along and then her head popped up, “Mom, why did you write a mystery mark here?” MYSTERY. MARK. I just can’t even tell you how much I love this.
  • Hayley was choosing an after dinner treat and she picked a little packet of M&Ms and asked if they were the Spring colored version. Geoff said no and when she opened them up she squealed in happiness, ever the optimist. “Yes they are! See? There is blue for the sky, red and green for the flowers, yellow for the sun and brown for….the dirt the flowers grow in! It IS spring colors!” Sure, sweetheart.
  • Geoff played through an old Sega game that was available for download on a newer console and he thought the kids would like watching him because it was a Mickey Mouse game. “Castle of Illusion” to be exact. That name caused both kids to hold their hand up to their chin, wiggle their fingers and say, “Castle of Illllluuuuuusssion” in a spooky way until they both dissolved into puddles of laughter over and over again.
  • Damien has been watching a newer cartoon called “Wallykazam” and he loves it. So much. He likes us to sing him the “My Friend The King” song so he can shout out the Bobgoblin parts. “No giants!” “No cake!”
  • Another thing he learned from the show, from Bobgoblin specifically, is to randomly say “Bobgoblin” for no reason at all. So he’ll be playing along, then look up, “Bobgoblin”, and back to playing. Or, we’ll be rocking in a dark room before bedtime and just as I think he may have drifted to sleep and he’ll whisper, “Bobgoblin.”
  • Damien has learned to say, “Hay is for horses!”
  • No matter what, Damien’s reaction to dinner right now is, “Ewwwww. Disgusting!”
  • He also like to tell us off, and thinks he always wins an argument wining blow. For example, we’ll tell him to pick up his train. “No pick up train. HUH!” That little sassy “huh!” is the 2-year-old version of efffffff you.
  • He still has his sweet moments though. Like when he wakes from nap, Geoff gets huge hugs and “Best ever, big boy Daddy!” (He far prefers Geoff after nap. We don’t force the issue.)
  • We try to work on basic please and thank you right from the start, but Damien is just now offering up a “No, thank you.” response all on his own and it is pretty great. I may let him get away with responding to a few directives, not questions, like that because come on.
  • Part of our manners effort includes being aware of how we speak to the kids, so we thank them for things they do all the time. Damien responds with a jolly, “No problems!” and even, sometimes, a little bow.

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