3/30, 2/30

As I mentioned in my 2013 wrap-up post, I’m not good at resolutions. The commitment and possibility for failure freaks me out so I decided long ago that they aren’t a good idea for me.

When I turned 30 last month I sort of broke my vow to not make resolutions by setting a few goals for myself. In my head they are TOTALLY different than those made by millions each January 1, but I can see how anyone reading along at home is rolling his/her eyes at me right now. And that’s fine! These mind games are just a little glimpse into my nonsensical head. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I immediately started in on my books and movies goals and so far have watched 3 new movies and finished 2 books. On 12/20 Geoff and I went to see “Catching Fire”, which I loved. I say that in retrospect as I spent most of the movie gripping the arm rest and cursing whoever made the decision to see this movie. I haven’t read the Hunger Game books and without knowing what comes next those movies ARE VERY VERY STRESSFUL, OK? There was a preview for the upcoming movie adaptation of Divergent, which is another series I haven’t read. It looked great, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need to read those books before seeing the movie. I can really only take so much.

Then, a week later, Geoff and I gathered some snacks and had a movie night after putting the kids to bed. There wasn’t much available that we wanted to see, but we settled on “The Five Year Engagement” which was good. We didn’t know much going in but we were both laughing pretty early on and we were happy with the ending so I guess I’d give this movie a shot if your just looking for a fun time with no emotional attachment. (I really still haven’t recovered from “Hunger Games”, huh?)

Our big New Year’s Eve plans included All The Snacks and watching “Planes” with the kids. Yes, I’m totally counting a kid’s movie. What of it? We aren’t a big “Cars” loving bunch, but we all enjoyed this movie. Hayley seems to be having this weird movie-viewing regression where she is freaking out as soon as the serious music begins and things get a little intense. She begs for us to turn it off; begs to just go to bed for the night, even! She did this with “Planes” but I ended up being able to convince her to sit through another 15 minutes (ok, I totally bribed her with yogurt raisins) and then she could decide to go to bed if she really wanted. She toughed it out and we had a good time. Damien stayed up a couple hours later than normal that night and Hayley made it all the way to midnight. It was fun having her around, but it was hard to know what to do. We usually have a couple drinks and watch some of the horrible NYE programming, but it was all too inappropriate for a four year old so we kind of just sat around killing time til the ball drop. (After that we made the first stupid decision of 2014: we let Hayley sleep in our bed with us. That child is just non-stop fidgeting. NON.STOP.)

The day after Christmas I was sick, so I spent the day lounging and reading while the kids ran havoc around the house with their new toys. I finished Paper Towns that night. It was a fun read. I’ve been enjoying the John Green books I’ve been reading lately (I’m reading An Abundance of Katherines right now, in fact.) I finally loaded my library’s e-lending library app and while it doesn’t have a ton of things I want to read available it has enough to get me started. 

I finished Broken Harbor by Tana French on 1/3. I stupidly started reading that book late one night (second stupid decision of 2014?) and when Geoff came in hours later he asked me why I was sleeping with the lights on. I just WAS, OK? I’ve read a couple other Tana French books and I’d say The Likeness was my favorite. I started Faithful Place months ago and just never finished. I’ll go back and read that one for sure, eventually.

Based on what I have checked out from the library, I have Looking For Alaska and The Girl You Left Behind on tap once I finish An Abundance of Katherines. So, now you know a bit more about the kinds of books I read- what should be added to my reading list?? Oh! And what other free/inexpensive ways are you guys getting your reading fix these days?

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6 thoughts on “3/30, 2/30

  1. Spencer used to have a hard time with any tenseness in movies, but I’ve drilled it into him that in 99% of movies (I started by saying “Disney movies” but I’ve expanded with him to all movies he would be allowed to see), the good guys win. If you turn it off at the tense part, or when you get scared, that’s a part that the bad guys are winning so all you know is that the bad guys won. If you give it a chance, you’ll see the good guys come back and win.

    Anyhow, it’s working for us.

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