Because I Have A Terrible Memory

These are just a few things I’m writing down for future me. I don’t want to forget these little moments.


We have had Netflix for years, but a couple of months ago we let our XBOX Live membership expire which means we can no longer stream Netflix on the TV without the hassle of using the Wii. Hayley was distraught. We explained that we weren’t going to renew and that it cost $60 to do so. She wants it back, bad, and will do whatever it takes. First, she decided to collect the money (or as she calls it “sixty monies”) herself. She went to grandma’s and asked to do chores for some money and tried to con grandpa into giving her 3 times the amount her and grandma had settled on. She even added a big red rectangle with white “letters” to her Christmas List drawing.

The night before Thanksgiving I took Hayley with me to the grocery store. Damien was sick and it was obvious we wouldn’t be able to join my family for the holiday but I wanted to make sure my family still got the Thanksgiving experience. So we headed to the store and I was happily surprised that it wasn’t as terrible an experience as I’d anticipated. We were checking out and I swiped my card, entered my pin, and continued chatting with the cashier. As she hands me my receipt she says, “And here’s the $40 you requested.” I hadn’t asked for cash back. I look at Hayley and ask her if she pressed any buttons and why she’d want money back.

Without skipping a beat, she replies: “I need monies for Netflix!”


While at the grocery store Hayley asked if she could do something special to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner. I said sure, what did she have in mind? And that is how we came to have Spiderman fruit snacks at our Thanksgiving meal.



Damien has this habit of just taking a little rest whenever he feels like it. I love it so much and I hope he never stops.

sleep 2sleep 1sleep 3


Hayley loves to use hand sanitizer. And until 2 days ago she’d always called it “hanitizer”.


In other ways Damien is trying to kill me with his cute, his hair has started to curl.


And I think he’s developing a little dimple. What do you say, is that a dimple?



Because Damien was sick I was held hostage at home almost the entire long Thanksgiving weekend. I tried to stay busy so I wouldn’t go (too) crazy. I COULD NOT stay out of the kitchen. I made turkey stock and then made some egg noodles and put together some turkey noodle soup. It was pretty good, but I wouldn’t bother making noodles again. They were easy, but not worth it. I also made some bread to go with the soup. For my first ever from scratch bread and noodle soup I was pretty pleased with myself.



We went to visit my mom on Wednesday before she checked herself in for her cancer treatment the next morning. Since she’s doing internal radiation, she wont be able to see the kids for a good while so it was great we got to fit a little visit in. Damien made sure to make it memorable and decided to stand unassisted for grandma.



It is unlikely I’ll actually forget this, so really it’s just to show off my adorable boy. Look at him! I so love being a mother to a little boy. It is no secret I really wanted to have another girl, but I realize now I really just wanted Hayley to have a sister, like me. I’ve been thinking that had I had a boy first, I would have wanted to have another boy next. It has really hit me how differently I feel about raising a son. Especially THIS son. My son.


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